[2/4] Select School District

Kern County

Kern County Office of Education

Arvin Union

Bakersfield City

Beardsley Elementary

Belridge Elementary

Blake Elementary

Panama-Buena Vista Union

Buttonwillow Union Elementary

Caliente Union Elementary

Delano Union Elementary

Delano Joint Union High

Di Giorgio Elementary

Edison Elementary

Elk Hills Elementary

Fairfax Elementary

Fruitvale Elementary

General Shafter Elementary

Greenfield Union

Kern High

Kernville Union Elementary

Lakeside Union

Lamont Elementary

Richland Union Elementary

Linns Valley-Poso Flat Union

Lost Hills Union Elementary

Maple Elementary

Maricopa Unified

McKittrick Elementary

Midway Elementary

Mojave Unified

Muroc Joint Unified

Norris Elementary

Pond Union Elementary

Rosedale Union Elementary

Semitropic Elementary

Southern Kern Unified

South Fork Union

Standard Elementary

Taft City

Taft Union High

Tehachapi Unified

Vineland Elementary

Wasco Union Elementary

Wasco Union High

Rio Bravo-Greeley Union Elementary

Sierra Sands Unified

McFarland Unified

Kern County ROP

Kern High ROC

El Tejon Unified

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